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UPS Events - Thamer International Schools

By Upper Primary School

1. Hero Day: The children of UPS had the chance on October 18, to write and share stories about the Hero of their lives. Students were also given the opportunity to dress like heroes. The Hero Day was a magnificent day!

2. Dive Dream Discover: Our little adventurers had an outstanding day discussing and dressing like sea creatures.

3. Cupcakes: On October 29, our little cooks were able to present their talents in decorating cupcakes with different kinds of chocolate chips, candies, whipped cream, icing, and many more. We all had a sweet, mouth-watering day!


International Day Senior School Girls - Thamer International Schools

By Rima Rabie Adib (12-D)

The Senior School of Thamer International Schools hosted its annual International Day, with a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours, music and cultures, last Thursday. The purpose of the event is to broaden students’ horizons and afford opportunities for them to learn more about their contemporaries’ cultures, food, and languages, while forming a greater understanding of their own place in the wider community. The auditorium was transformed into an airport, our hosts turned into flight attendants, and the SLC turned into cabin staff, all led by our pilot mentors into a smooth flight across the globe.


International Day Middle School Girls - Thamer International Schools

By Donna Linga (8-G)

International Day at T.I.S was a complete and utter success! For weeks on end, the girls of the Middle School practised and worked nonstop on wonderful performances to represent their given countries. For this year’s International Day mothers of Grade 4 to 8 were invited to enjoy the show. It meant that the event had to be perfect and according to my secret sources, the mothers were very impressed.

TIS SCOOP, My Superheroes

TIS SCOOP My Superheroes - Thamer International Schools

By Salma Mohamed (3-K)

My Mother is a women like no other. She gave me life, taught me, dressed me, laughed with me, fought with me, fought for me, kissed me, sacrificed for me, loved me unconditionally and made me into the person who I came to be. She will always have my love and gratitude.

By Abdudallah Faisal Sulimani (1-B)

My superhero is my uncle Abdullah. His name is like mine. He is a policeman and saves people from dangers. I wish to be like my uncle Abdullah.

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