A. Fees:

Transportation is provided to and from schools for a specified fee to the students who apply for it. T.I.S. makes every effort to ensure students' safety while being transported on the schools bus. In keeping with this rule of safety, procedures will be in place to ensure that student safety is of utmost priority. Use of the schools bus service is defined as a privilege, and the schools reserves the right to suspend or revoke it at any time if a student fails to abide by the stated rules of conduct.

B. Discipline Policy:

In an attempt to maintain discipline and safety inside the school bus, please read and discuss with your child the bus rules prior to the start of school. 

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner and respect all road safety rules from the time they leave their homes to the time they arrive to school and back again.

Students are expected to:T.I.S. Transportation Policy

  • Listen to the bus driver and follow directions as his instructions are for their safety.

  • Remain seated at all times and face the front of the bus. Keep seat belts buckled. Never put head, arms, or hands out of the window.

  • Avoid fighting, bullying, or harassment of any kind. Refrain from the use of foul language and/ or gestures.

  • Keep the bus clean and refrain from vandalism.

Students failing to follow the above rules will be subject to transportation disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary Procedures:

When, in the opinion of the driver, a serious rule violation occurs, or when the driver's efforts to deal with less severe violations are unsuccessful, a school bus incident report will be initiated. The intent is to maintain good order and a safe environment for students riding buses as well as to notify parents of the misconduct of their children. The following are standard actions that will generally be applied uniformly in response to documented incidents.

  • 1st Offence:   Verbal warning/parents contacted.

  • 2nd Offence:   Written warning.

  • 3rd Offence:   Suspension of bus privileges for five school days.

  • 4th Offence:   Suspension of bus privileges for ten school days.

  • 5th Offence:   Termination of the student's right to use the school bus for the rest of the year and no fees will be refunded.

If a student is expelled from the school bus, the student will no longer be allowed to use this service for the rest of the year or the coming school year. Bus fees are not refundable if a student is suspended or expelled.

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