T.I.S. curriculum for Grades 6-8 prepares students for the Senior Schools combining standards of the American Common Core standards and new Generation Science as well as Cambridge Lower Secondary standards. It gives our teachers a flexible Curriculum Framework for developing skills in all subjects.

T.I.S. curriculum sets clear learning objectives for the three Lower Secondary years. T.I.S. Lower Secondary Curriculum includes two international standardized testing as students take the American MAP® exams as well as Cambridge Lower Secondary exams helping teachers and parents to identify learners’ strength and weaknesses and give advice on their progression routes.

By the end of Grade 8, T.I.S. plans an orientation session for both parents and students in which both the Upper Secondary (Senior School) American and British standards are thoroughly explained with the requirements of different countries for university registration. Afterwards, parents are asked with the advice of the schools to place their children either in the Secondary British Program (IGCSE, GCE A Level Section) or in the American Program (SAT, SAT II section).

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