High school is considered to be a transitional phase for students as they start to become more independent.

T.I.S. University Advising Service

  • The High School Advisor has a proactive job that helps students achieve better. His/her main responsibilities are summarized as follows:
  • Strong Academic planning: adding/ dropping courses.
  • Post-secondary planning: choosing majors and deciding on careers.
  • Arranging orientations presented by a variety of prestigious universities across the Middle East, Europe, USA and other countries.
  • Individual or small group counselling.
  • Providing students with the necessary information booklets, application forms, and dates for the external examinations: British (IGCSE and A levels)/ American (TOEFL, SAT I and SAT II).

The High School Advisor stays updated with the university requirements of different countries, majors, entrance exams by attending regular workshops.

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