T.I.S. secondary Schools has two programs of which learners choose to be placed in one of them:

(a.) British Program:

T.I.S. follows Cambridge Upper Secondary Program which offers learners: Cambridge IGCSE in Grades 9 and 10 provides students with a broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects using learner-centered and enquiry- based approaches. T.I.S. students take internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE and GCE A Level qualification at the end of the Upper Secondary Stage. T.I.S. offers a comprehensive range of subjects such as: English as a First Language, English as a Second Language, Arabic as a First Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business Studies, Accounting and ICT. Cambridge standards and qualifications are globally recognized by universities which allows T.I.S. students to be confident that their qualification will be valued throughout their education in their home countries and internationally.

(b.) American Program:

T.I.S. American Program is built on the principle of diversity taking into account the need to cover the basic subjects through a 4-year program. T.I.S. students cover 32 credit hours in Grades 9-12. T.I.S. American Diploma Program covers the following objectives:

1- Promote critical thinking and abilities to develop and integrate knowledge with the basic skills acquired by students.

2- Actual communication through expression and reciprocity of ideas in various forms.

3- Producing expressive work that reflect students’ creativity, perseverance, determination, and use of technology.

4- Nourish teamwork and social skills.

5- Develop students’ character through self-esteem, promote self-confidence, and getting used to the global community.

6- Stress on the importance of self-esteem, respect and acceptance for other’s culture.

7- Enhance self-confidence.

8- Emphasize on the fact that education is a light-hearted pleasure, and investment that lasts for a lifetime.

T.I.S. American program prepares well rounded learners with the needed skills in all the subjects taught: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, world history, psychology, English etc…

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