A well fed child is always an attentive one. Keeping this in mind, Thamer International Schools canteen provides its students with some healthy snacks and drinks.

School canteens are open from 7:30-2:55 p.m. and during break times only. Students are not allowed to purchase any food or water from the canteen during class time, including P.E. and Gym lessons.

T.I.S. Canteen Service

Duty teachers monitor students to avoid congestion near the canteen during break times. The canteen stops selling 5 minutes before dismissal time.

If parents choose to send food with their children, please provide them with something healthy to eat at break times in a suitable container marked with their name. Also provide healthy drinks in containers other than glass, as it is dangerous.

Students are allowed to drink water during lessons provided that they don’t have to leave class, so please make sure that they each have a plastic water bottle.

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