We have a strict policy related to the arrival to school and dismissal of students. This applies to the normal school day and any other time that students are in the school’s care, e.g. special events (inside or outside the school) and sports events outside the school.  

T.I.S. Arrival and Dismissal Policy

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that their children arrive on time and are collected on time. The school will not be responsible for students who are half an hour late after the assigned dismissal times. In cases of emergency where parents are going to be late in collecting their children, the school has to be notified and late children will be assigned to designated waiting areas.

Parents are asked to provide the school’s administration with details and contact numbers of all persons who are to bring or collect their children from the school. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep this information up to date.

The school will only allow the person, whose name is registered in our files, to collect your child unless you give prior written permission for another one to do so.

Late students (after 3:00pm) must be collected at gate 5 since the other gates will be closed.

The school does not allow students to be taken from classes early unless they have a very valid reason. In such cases, we ask the parents to provide a relevant documentation to verify the reason of the leave. Parents who wish to pick up their children earlier need to pass by the Head of School’s office for an Early Dismissal Permission Slip to be presented to the floor supervisor.

Primary School students need to be collected from the designated gates. Mothers or nannies will not be allowed into the Primary School buildings. Fathers or drivers are not allowed into the building as required by the Ministry of Education and need to wait for the students at the designated gates. These students will be called upon by microphone and will be escorted out to the gate to be collected.

Upper School students will leave alone at dismissal time. No parents, drivers, or nannies will be allowed into the buildings at that time

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