Social Workers in Thamer International Schools are dedicated to provide social and emotional guidance and counseling services to our students and their families. Our goal is to assist in developing the student’s social skills, help them adjusting with school environment and guide parents and teachers in dealing with the difficulties they might face with their child.

T.I.S. Counseling Service

Students may be referred to the Social Worker by teachers, parents, administration and other school personnel, or they may choose to see the Social Worker on their own. Upon referral, the Social Worker assesses the needs of the student and takes whatever action is deemed necessary. Social Workers will coordinate follow-up on any recommended action.

Parents can contact us if:

    • they see changes in the behaviors of their child (mood swings- being antisocial- stressed - not sleeping / eating well).
    • they are going through family issues that would need our assistance (loss of a family member – other personal issues).
    • there is a history of any special need (ADD-ADHD); along with a valid report.
    • they are facing difficulties with their child (stubbornness - problems in communicating- aggressive behaviour).
    • they want us to help  their child with Personality Development (time management- leadership skills- relationships and responsibility). 

Social Workers: We will be more than happy to get your call or arrange a meeting with you.

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