Parents are requested to inform the school during the pre-registration process for the next year of their intent to withdraw their son/daughter. If withdrawal is to occur during the school year, the following procedure has to be followed:

Parents have to fill out the "Withdrawal Form" taken from the Registrar’s Office and return it back to the concerned head of school at least two weeks prior to the due date of withdrawal. The concerned head of school will notify the Registrar’s Office of the departure date to check whether the student has any pending financial issues.

Exit/transfer documents will not be released until the student has completed the checkout process and has returned all the school’s belongings. All tuition fees plus any other fees will have to be fully paid before exit documents are issued to the parents.

Please note that if a student is withdrawn during the academic year, full annual fees must be paid.

Late Admissions:

A student may be admitted to T.I.S. only if:

1. The student is transferring from outside Jeddah.

2. The student took approval from the Ministry of Education.

3. Places are available.

During the second term of an academic year, admissions take place only during the first 2 weeks of the term. No students will be admitted after that time.

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