Welcome to "Thamer International Schools" better known as “A Community of Leaders and Learners”.

Thamer International Schools (T.I.S.) is a private independent day school. Being an international, selective and non-discriminative school, it caters to both the local and the expatriate communities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Welcome to Thamer International Schools


T.I.S. is co-educational from Nursery till Grade 3 and segregated from Grade 4 till the year of graduation.

It legally operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education Moreover, it is accredited by NCA – CASI (North central Association Commission On Accreditation and School Improvement) and is a Cambridge International Attached Center.

T.I.S. which was founded in the year 2000 is owned by H.R.H. Faisal Bin Thamer Al Saud and managed by its own SET. The school’s community incorporates students from various backgrounds and cultures. We ensure that utmost priority is given to parents’ major concern which is education of the highest quality.

The substantial growth in the student strength of T.I.S. is an evidence of the trust that parents have in the educational system of the school. We strive and persevere to ensure that we provide our students with the best possible leadership opportunities.

We do not just focus on academic performance but also believe in the overall and ethical grooming of each and every student encouraging and enabling pupils to work effectively and independently is our key goal.

T.I.S. is committed to providing a balanced and fulfilling learning experience in a secure and caring environmental that nurtures academic, creative, sporting and personal skills.

Our goal is to encourage an appreciation of lifelong learning and a desire to participate in and contribute to the community so that students are groomed into responsible global citizens.

Within an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness and through our unique approach we aim to ensure that every pupil is nurtured and encouraged to develop his or her full potential.

We believe that each and every student should experience equal opportunities through a broad spectrum of education that aims at ultimate excellence.

Every child should be praised and feel valued irrespective of race, tribe, sex or creed. With an emphasis on courtesy, manners and respect we guide our students to be tolerant and work together as a team. The intermingling of students belonging to different parts of the world makes our school unique and exquisite. We ensure that we imbibe a sense of confidence in our students so that they can face the world and achieve their goals. We inculcate the motto in each and every student that THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Known for its academic achievement, T.I.S. has always been proud of its astounding academic excellence in both the internal and external exams.

In addition to exceptional academics, our staff of well-qualified teachers who are professionally trained and dedicated allows a magnificent balance between academic and the well-rounded development and growth of our students. Our valued staff with a wealth of teaching expertise have a genuine passion and student-focused approach.

Moreover our strong team of support staff insures the smooth sailing of the daily school work. They also offer personal support to students as and when required.

Our senior management team, consisting of leading figures, is the backbone of the school. They ensure that our students come first, that we provide excellence in our teaching and that we deliver valuable and well provisioned services to each and every student.

“Intelligence plus Character ـــ that is the goal of true education”.

Martin L. King

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