A. School Uniform:

The school uniform is the pride of every learner and must always be clean and clearly marked. Students are requested to wear the school uniform daily. Shorts, bermudas, jeans and short skirts are not allowed. Students are also required to wear reasonable footwear. No sandals, crocs, or slippers are permitted; students must always wear closed shoes (black or navy blue) with white socks. The sports uniform should be worn during the P.E. sessions, and students should come to school wearing that uniform. P.E. Uniforms and the school’s official uniforms are available at the school uniform shop. For larger sizes which are not available in the school’s shop, students may wear solid black gym pants with a solid white shirt; polo shirts are not allowed during P.E. sessions.

T.I.S. School Uniform Policy

Thamer International Schools believe that a uniform is an integral part of operating a safe and effective school environment. Therefore, all students are required to wear the school uniform unless the school authorizes special “nonuniform” days.

School girls from Grade 6 to 12 are required to wear abayas and head veils upon entering and leaving the school premises as instructed by the Ministry of Education.

B. Personal Hygiene, Hair, Nails, and Make up:

Personal hygiene is of utmost importance. Hair must be clean and neat. Girls’ hair must be tied at all times. Boys' hair should be short and neat. Long hair styles are strictly forbidden for boys. Unusual hairstyles are not permitted at an educational institution. Learners will immediately be sent home and may only return to school once their hair conforms to the school’s policy.

No make-up is allowed and nail varnish is prohibited. Nails need to be cut and kept clean constantly.

C. Valuable Belongings, Jewelry, and Mobiles:

No valuable items (expensive watches, necklaces, rings, etc.) should be worn in school. Students should leave their valuables at home; these include iPods, iPads, mp3s, electronic games, large sums of money, etc. Regarding jewelry, girls may only wear one stud per ear, and boys are not permitted to wear earrings at all. Both boys and girls may wear a wristwatch. No necklaces, anklets, or bracelets are allowed to be worn by students. No facial jewelry is worn, other than the aforementioned ear stud.

Mobile phones are strictly forbidden for Primary School students. For middle / senior schools, mobiles are to be turned off and collected by the floor supervisors early in the morning and will be given back only at dismissal time.

Violations of this rule will result in confiscating the mobile. In case of an emergency, students may call their parents from the administration. Generally, forgotten homework, books, etc., are not considered an emergency. The school is not responsible for any lost valuable items mentioned or not mentioned above.

D. Lost Books:

When a student loses a book, he/she must pay for the replacement of the original book. The student will have to manage with notes or handouts until he/she buys the new book from the school bookshop. The school is not responsible for any missing books, copybooks or bags.

E. Birthdays and Class Parties:

It is not permitted for students to celebrate their birthdays at school as these celebrations cause interruption during instructional time.

Class parties are most commonly held to mark the end of a term or the end of an academic year . These parties are organized by the class teacher and usually involve student participation in crafts and/or games as well as enjoying tasty treats. Parents not wishing their children to participate in a class party/celebration must inform the class teacher in advance. Any student not participating in these parties/celebrations may stay at home.

Birthday parties are not allowed.

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