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Download Primary School Syllabus

Primary School Syllabus

For the Primary School Entrance Exam, students should focus on mastering foundational concepts. Emphasis will be on basic skills in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Arabic, and General Knowledge. The exam aims to assess a broad understanding of fundamental principles and everyday knowledge.

Download Primary School Syllabus

Middle School Syllabus

The Middle School Entrance Exam requires a deeper understanding of various subjects. Students should prepare for more complex concepts in Mathematics, English, and Arabic. The exam aims to evaluate students' academic readiness for the challenges of the middle school curriculum.

Download Primary School Syllabus

Senior School Syllabus

The Senior School Entrance Exam is designed to evaluate students' knowledge and preparedness for advanced studies. Expectations include a solid grasp of advanced concepts subjects. The exam may cover a range of topics, ensuring students are well-equipped for the rigors of senior school academics.

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