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By Donna Linga (8-G)

International Day at T.I.S was a complete and utter success! For weeks on end, the girls of the Middle School practised and worked nonstop on wonderful performances to represent their given countries. For this year’s International Day mothers of Grade 4 to 8 were invited to enjoy the show. It meant that the event had to be perfect and according to my secret sources, the mothers were very impressed.

At the beginning of the event, some students went up on stage to say a few words about historical figures that have made an impact on the world. After much anticipation, the event began, and they already had the mothers jumping with joy. The costumes for many countries such as India, Egypt, Mexico, and Pakistan really showed off the twirling of a plethora of flamboyant colours that depicted the culture of these countries. Many classes had picked countries and the performances of which made the mothers want to get on stage and join their daughters. Before each performance, the class presented their costume and mentioned a few facts as the country’s national anthem was played.

Overall, it was a day that brought smiles to everybody's faces and will be remembered dearly by both students and mothers.

Source Link: January Newsletter (2018-2019)

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