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By Lein Akkad (12-E)

T.I.S will be joining the annual DAHMUN (Dar Al Hekma Model United Nations) for its 2nd year in a row with over 80 students participating.

This year’s motif is “challenging the status quo- a redefined future” The spirit of MUN is to create awareness and understanding among students from various disciplines and prepare them as Future Global leaders.

This year’s theme will be featuring the following committees:

1.) ECOSOC: The Issue of Population Displacement “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” What makes it so? What is it that makes developed and developing regions struggle to stabilize the population issue? This summit shall discuss how to resolve the problem once and for all.

2.) UN WOMEN: International Issues Related to Women Women all around the world are subjected to various issues by different means that cause social and economic disparity and hinder development. Considering today’s world, delegates ought to address these issues.

3.) WHO: Inhibiting World Epidemics “Epidemics follow patterns, because diseases follow patterns. Viruses spread; they reproduce; they die”. Let’s play the game of life or death this summit.

4.) UNODC: Afghan Heroin Trade Afghanistan is the greatest producer of opium. Its trade is affecting today’s youth, women, children, and in a way disrupting economies and causing social conflicts. This summit, let us prove that, “You don’t need heroin to be a hero.”

5.) GA: Extremism in Africa Whether it’s due to the patriarchal societal beliefs or current political and economic turmoil, Africa faces the devil’s wrath since time immemorial. The humanitarian catastrophes have claimed millions of lives and pose a threat to international peace and stunts the future development of the region. This summit, we shall pledge to make Africa recite the hymns of peace.

6.) HC: Reliving the Past: 1995 – 2005 The international involvement in the inspection and destruction of ammunition and the following policy of containment laid out by the UN shall be discussed by the delegates. We shall trace back the history again only to find peaceful resolutions to the problem.

Source Link: January Newsletter (2018-2019)

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