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1. Hero Day: The children of UPS had the chance on October 18, to write and share stories about the Hero of their lives. Students were also given the opportunity to dress like heroes. The Hero Day was a magnificent day!

2. Dive Dream Discover: Our little adventurers had an outstanding day discussing and dressing like sea creatures.

3. Cupcakes: On October 29, our little cooks were able to present their talents in decorating cupcakes with different kinds of chocolate chips, candies, whipped cream, icing, and many more. We all had a sweet, mouth-watering day!

4. School is Cool: Nothing beats a fascinating, tremendous party like the one our first graders had on stage. Parents, students, and teachers together enjoyed our attractive ‘SCHOOL is COOL’ party!!!!!!

5. Disney Magical Show: Our Grade 2 students, parents and teachers escaped from the real world into a world of fun and fantasy. The fabulous Disney characters were presented on stage by students.

Source Link: January Newsletter (2018-2019)

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