PICK OF THE MONTH, The Broken Land

PICK OF THE MONTH, The Broken Land - Thamer International Schools

By Eyad Islam (4-A),

60 million years ago, there was a dinosaur called Rino. He was clever, and he could fix anything. He could recycle any item and could also talk in different languages.

Well, for these special qualities, he was called Rexi-fixi. When all the dinosaurs knew that he could fix anything, the problem began. Rino couldn’t control his anger because of the many dinosaurs who came to him. But, on the other hand, he made awesome things. One time, he reshaped a rock to become a bridge across the river. Well, his anger made him stump extremely hard on the ground which almost caused an earthquake. “What have you done!?” a dinosaur reflected. “It’s because of you, idiot!’’ Rino said.

POINTS TO POINDER, The Wolf’s Crescent

POINTS TO POINDER The Wolf’s Crescent - Thamer International Schools

By Manal Saleem (11-E),

As I walk upon the Earth

Moon glistening in my wake

Around the deep blue lake

Place of the white wolf’s birth


POINTS TO PONDER My Family - Thamer International Schools

By Hala Jameel Addas (4-J),

I have 4 brothers big and small some are short and some are tall. My sister's baby is small and fat, he looks adorable when he wears his hat.

My mother cleans and cooks the food and tell us to behave and stop being rude. Our car is cute, her name is cupcake if she ran in the road she would be pancake.

Our garden has alot of trees. With butterflies and buzzing bees. Our house is loud and full of noise. What do you expect with alot of boys? Family means alot.

Source Link: March Newsletter (2018-2019)


SPOTTED AND REPORTED Implementation Day - Upper Primary School - Thamer International Schools

By Upper Primary School,

The students of Grades 1 and 3 have recently explored some science topics through one of the most creative and fun means.

With each grade assigned a surprise topic, they were given material such as play dough, colored papers, glitter and colored pencils. They were then informed of the topic on the spot by their form tutors and were given almost the entire day to work on their projects.

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