POINTS TO POINDER, The Wolf’s Crescent

POINTS TO POINDER The Wolf’s Crescent - Thamer International Schools

By Manal Saleem (11-E),

As I walk upon the Earth

Moon glistening in my wake

Around the deep blue lake

Place of the white wolf’s birth

And I come face to face

With the dangerous beauty itself

Its eyes bore into myself

Just as my heart begins to race


Now with tepidity I step

Fearful of my awaiting fate

Life-force dangling on a thread

Burning curiosity yet to sate


And abruptly it leaps

Breaking me out of trance

Its claw vivaciously sweeps

As I sprint with one last glance


Chasing behind me with ease

I duck and jump and race

At the verge of the forest I cease

Watching as the wolf turns to return to base


Now lumbering back home

Rush of adrenaline depleted

I ponder on my venturous roam

Vowing to leave inquisitively untreated.   

Source Link: March Newsletter (2018-2019)

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