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By Upper Primary School,

The students of Grades 1 and 3 have recently explored some science topics through one of the most creative and fun means.

With each grade assigned a surprise topic, they were given material such as play dough, colored papers, glitter and colored pencils. They were then informed of the topic on the spot by their form tutors and were given almost the entire day to work on their projects.

The first-grade pupils were tasked with the Sea Life. Anything revolving around the ocean, the marine lives and habitats were to be created using play dough and paper plates by none other than the excited batch themselves; then it was to be glued on a cardboard by their teachers. This added to their knowledge on the lives of fish and their different types.

The third grade had the umbrella of life cycles. Each section had their own plant or animal, like cherry trees or sea turtles. For instance, 3I made theirs on frogs! “We had a lot of fun,” they exclaimed, “we learned and wrote a lot about how a frog grows and dies!”

Overall, the activity was quite a success! The stir it caused resulted in an animate and a lively atmosphere in each of the classrooms. Most importantly, the children enjoyed it immensely.

Source Link: March Newsletter (2018-2019)

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