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How do school and parents communicate with each other? Docs


The relationship between home and school is of paramount importance in a child’s education. This makes two-way communication a critical factor in the partnership between parents and the school. Parents feel comfortable to approach us to solve problems and to feel confident about the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.

Our schools' online learning and communication portal offers a password protected website for parents, students and teachers to engage with the learning and to regularly follow up at Thamer International Schools every day. It allows parents immediate access to information and communication with the Schools as and when they would like to access it. Parents have access to general schools life information, newsletters updates from the Principal and Leadership teams and contact details of all staff. Parents are also able to view pages linked to their child’s classes, which include homework tasks and work conducted in each subject class. Parents can also access curriculum information, resources and welfare information relevant to their child’s year level.

The schools produce a monthly online newsletter which is considered essential reading. This is broken down into sub-schools levels, as well as includes a monthly message from the Principal and updated by the Departments of Art and Sports.

The schools also has an official Facebook page, which serves to keep the wider online community informed of T.I.S. news and events.

Further details on communication methods can be found in the Elementary and Secondary Schools' Handbooks.

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