• T.I.S. Science and Engineering Fair (2016-2017)

    T.I.S. Science and Engineering Fair - Thamer International Schools

    Thamer International School proudly announces the beginning of the T.I.S. Science and Engineering Fair.

    Clearly, any school project assigned to a student should be useful. Surprising to some, a science fair project is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake.

  • The Higher Education and Career Fair 2017

    The Higher Education and Career Fair 2017 - Thamer International Schools

    Dear Parents/Students,

    Bearing in mind the paramount importance of our students’ career and future prospects, we at T. I. S. would like to inform you about The Higher Education and Career Fair 2017 which will be held in Jeddah on October 27, 2017 at the Movenpick Hotel.

    Leaders from universities across the world will help you explore opportunities, answer your questions, and help navigate the system.

    You will be getting the required information from the delegates of top-of-range institutes; thus exploring a wide spectrum of career opportunities from international colleges and universities.

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