Student Follow-up System (2015-2016)

Student Follow-up System - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

Thamer International School is and will continue to persist in keeping its technology-based services up to the highest level in order to aid our students to access vital information within each educational level that will nurture them as learners and eventually turn them into leaders. Therefore, T. I. S. would like to introduce to you the new Student Follow-Up System in order to aid you to access your child’s overall performance during each academic year.                           

Student Follow-up System is a discipline and attendance progress of every student throughout his/her academic journey at Thamer International School. In other words, it is a well-organized storage area housing all the information about their overall conduct.

The system will send you brief notifications regarding your children’s ongoing progress. For example, if he/she is absent and/or missed his/her homework, you will be automatically notified via email. Also it will not only update you with your child’s overall performance at school but it will also enhance your relation and cooperation with the school’s administration for the betterment of the students’ discipline and success.

Note: This system will be launched only for testing purposes starting from Wednesday, September 16, 2015. It will be officially launched after the Hajj vacation in sha’a ALLAH.

      T. I. S.


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