Read this Summer (2017-2018)

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Dear Parents,

T. I. S. is pleased to congratulate you on the Holy month of Ramadan and wishes you a happy vacation.

It is said that “right inputs lead to right outputs”. A family that values reading and encourages it, results into a smart child who loves reading.

Therefore, we have to plant the love for reading in our children’s minds and hearts; they must read in order to learn and enrich their minds. Reading is essential to our wellbeing as water and nutrition. God, the almighty, embraces reading in Surah Al Alaq “Iqra’a”.

At T. I. S. we value reading and consider it the best way to fill the students’ leisure time, hence, we are glad to launch our new e- reading program on our schools’ website entitled: “Read This Summer”. Stories which are entertaining and aim at teaching our students ethical values and life lessons , will be uploaded on a weekly basis to the schools e-library.

We hope that you give us all your support to encourage all students to read in order to achieve the desired goal of this program. Your cooperation and support is highly appreciated.

Note: Click here for Arabic version.


     T. I. S.


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