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Dear Parents,

Thamer International Schools are and will continue to persist in keeping its technology-based services up to the highest level in order to aid our students to access vital information within each educational level that will nurture them as learners and eventually turn them into leaders. The following are some features that will be improvised on our Schools’ Portal starting from 21/05/1440 H. corresponding to 27/01/2019 G.

• Progress Reports of both first and second terms will be uploaded to each student’s private files section of the Portal’s Dashboard.

• MAP Test Results will be uploaded and will be available on each student’s private files.

• Weekly Exams’ Marks will also be uploaded to students’ private files once the exams are completed and corrected.

• Monthly Follow-up Reports about students’ behavior during the first and second term will be uploaded to students’ private files. (The student follow-up report details the behavior of the student during each term of the academic year.)

• Students’ Financial Balance Report will be uploaded to the Non-Academic folders of the private files section located on the Portal’s Dashboard. The Financial Balance Report will be updated every Sunday of each week In Shaa’ALLAH.

Note: The name of our Learning Management System has been changed to Schools Portal.

The Information Technology Department recommends the following:

1. Students should activate their Office 365 email and Schools Portal access credential, which were previously allotted.

2. Students must access their e-mail and their Schools Portal on a daily basis.

3. For technical support, please contact us by submitting a technical support ticket located under the e-services Main Menu on our schools’ website.

4. For questions or enquiries regarding the contents of the Schools Portal, please feel free to contact us on the schools’ e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Note: For Arabic Version, please click here.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

        T. I. S.


IT Department

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