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Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you that technology will be integrated in the art class for the second half of the school year. We have added technology to our art program to foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and to help students make better use of technology tools. This will develop increasing confidence in the use of art and ICT.

Our additional art program will be as the following for each grade:

KG1 students will use Kea coloring book creator software. It has easy coloring modes like paint bucket, crayon and stamp that will capture their imagination.

KG2 students will use Kea coloring book software program. They will use free drawing tools to draw a picture from their own imagination; then use coloring tools to color it.

G1 students will use Tux paint which is a program for creating easy graphics for young children. They will use the basic drawing tools to draw free drawing; then color it using painting tools.

G2 students will use Tux paint shape tool to draw various filled and unfilled shapes. Shapes will be used to draw several objects such as houses, robots, animals, etc…….

G3 students will start learning a simple idea about designing their own room; then they will use elements of arts in design software program to let their inner decorator create their own dream room.

     T. I. S.


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