Articles from the January Edition of the Newsletter (2018-2019)

January Newsletter 2019 - Thamer International Schools

T. I. S. persistently encourages its students to become avid readers and competent writers. Thamer Chronicles, which is written and designed by our earnest and brilliant editors and prolific writers, is one such platform for our young writers to portray their talents.

The following articles have been penned by our aspiring authors. You can find the articles listed below. To peruse the newsletter, please click here.

-TIS SCOOP, University Visit: By Manal Saleem and Suha Mirza (11-E)

-TIS SCOOP, DAHMUN: By Lein Akkad (12-E)

-TIS SCOOP, My Superheroes: By Salma Mohamed (3-K), Abdudallah Faisal Sulimani (1-B) and Alia Ramzi Saleh (3-K)

-SPOTTED AND REPORTED, International Day (MS-GIRLS): By Donna Linga (8-G)

-SPOTTED AND REPORTED, International Day (SS-GIRLS): By Rima Rabie Adib (12-D)

-SPOTTED AND REPORTED, Upper Primary Events: By Upper Primary School

-PICK OF THE MONTH, The Night Circus Book Review: By Ola Omer (10-G)

-POINTS TO PONDER, Mount. Everest: By Joy Khoury (8-G)

-PICK OF THE MONTH: TRAVELOGUE, Miami, FL: By Saif Hatim (8-E)

-NO PUN INTENDED, Drawings: By Wagd Atef (7-I)

-Arabic Calligraphy: By Layan Halabi (12-E)

-January Riddles: By Angelo Jerome Reynante (10-D)

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