Additional Support for the American Stream Students (2018-2019)

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ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR THE AMERICAN STREAM STUDENTS "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." Ernest Hemingway

Dear parents/students,

In our pursuit to achieve excellence, our commitment to facilitate the students, our futuristic leaders, and our endeavor to live up to the trust of our partners, the parents, we persistently strive to extend our cooperation in every possible way to maximize the achievement of our students. Therefore, in accordance with our Schools’ Vision, to deliver a unique academic experience, we are pleased to share the following additional support that will be extended to our American stream students at T. I. S. during the year 2018-2019.


 To enable our students to seek admission in universities across the globe. 


  • For authenticating the report cards from Saudi MOE, total number of passed credit hours in Grades 10 to 12) should be 24-26 hours.
  • According to the Ministry of Education and AdvancED, credit hours are not to exceed 9 per year.


  • Mathematics at Grade 11 and Advanced Mathematics at Grade 12 leading to increasing the number of subjects for American stream students.
  • Option of switching from the three Sciences Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Grade 11, to psychology at Grade 12, to give diverse choices to complete/ increase the number of subjects.
  • Students may also have the Option (subject to availability) of World History instead of French or vice versa for Grades 11&12 (one can be chosen at Grade 11 and another at Grade 12).


  • LATEST by the onset of Grade 11, students should have identified their target universities and the programs they are seeking admission in. They should collect complete information regarding the admission requirements, should arrange meetings with the Head of the Section (H.O.S.) for guidance and assistance and should choose the subjects accordingly. They should plan/prepare to take SAT I, SAT II subjects, Qudrat or Tahseeli ahead of time to maximize their chances of getting admission in the university and the program of their choice.

We wish you all the success for your future and would continue to extend our support to facilitate your endeavors.


I have read and understood all the above mentioned points:

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