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By Rima Rabie Aladib (12-D)

It’s that time of the year again, where we get back into our academic routines and re-integrate school into our life. To ease the stress of your high school life, the batch of 2018 founded the SLC (Student Leadership Community). The SLC was specifically created to help the students feel more involved in school decisions and activities and I am confident to say that we will achieve great things this year, perhaps even more than we previously did.

Most of the members would agree that the SLC has helped them one way or another, from overcoming extreme stage fright to making new friends and finally combining to create a tiny community for ourselves. Not only is this experience an asset for your college application but for your personal life too!

The SLC has departments of distinct interests to accommodate everyone’s passion. You might be confused about what each department entails, but don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through them all:

1. Creativity and Innovation, or C&I for short, is what we would like to call the “mother department.” It takes care of all other departments by helping and providing unique ideas. They come up with new ways to make your events more interactive and FUN!

2. Events & Arts is the most colorful department in the SLC. Without them, our events would be lifeless! They make our days bright by beautifying the halls and decorating the playground. Every art piece they create ends up stealing the show with its beauty.

3. Media & PR is the backbone of our events. From the light distribution to the video montages, they handle it all!

4. Cares is an extremely crucial department in the SLC as their suggestions and initiatives have provided us with a class, cafeteria and playground, all of which offer a much better environment. Their active role in the community has caused the voice of TIS students to be heard and taken seriously. By arranging hospital visits, community service hours and fundraisers, they have truly shown us that they care.

5. Health and Fitness is the right department for you if you’re interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The name says it all, they teach us how to enjoy living healthy by ridding us of our bad habits and planting better ones instead.

6. Philosophy and Literature is NOT just a book club, this department also comes up with skits and scripts for events. Last year they held occasions such as the annual Women Empowerment Day where some of their members were interviewed as they emulated historical female icons in both behavior and appearance. Not only that, but they introduced a new event to the school, an annual play. At the moment, its members plan on launching more poetic and theatrical occasions in the recent days.

7. Psychology and Mental Health is the department that acknowledges the importance of mental health and works on raising its awareness for a better along with happier future. They will be there if you need them, especially when you feel stressed, nervous or pressured.

Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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