The SLC Investiture

The SLC Investiture - Thamer International Schools

By Naama Banaja (12-E)

The SLC Investiture was an event attended by all SSG students along with teachers to formally initiate the SLC. Mrs. Almas Khot commenced it by giving the audience a brief outline of what they will be expecting to see. The role of the host was successfully fulfilled by Anna Adnan (10-H). After a delightful Quran recitation by Lybah Adnan (11-E), two informative videos were displayed containing descriptions about the seven departments and the former committee’s achievements, artfully prepared by Andrea Reynante (12-E) and Naama Banaja (12-E). Next, Mrs. Almas requested the elected heads and co-heads for each department to take the stage; were presented with our badges and swore our oaths in unison.

Afterwards, the winner of the Newsletter Logo Competition was also announced, and it was Maram Khaled (10-H) whose logo came out on top amongst all the other outstanding submissions. To conclude the event, Mrs. Aya Sleiman (Head of the SSG department) gave a few words to encourage the students to work diligently and make the best out of the opportunities they are given as members of the SLC.

Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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