Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem - Thamer International Schools

By SLC’s Psychology and Mental Health Department

Seize the day. Live in the moment. Make your life extraordinary.

Take control of your destiny. Literature, television, and history all bound us to do these things. But the real question is how? The answer is being mindful.

Being mindful means to take control of what we focus our attention on in the present moment; whether it is an emotion, a thought, a belief, or a sensation. It is about approaching that “object” with a curious and open mind.

Most of us move around as if we're sleepwalking. We don't experience the world fully because we’re half asleep, doing things we unconsciously think we have to do. We say whatever comes to our mind, feel whatever emotion hits us without stopping to think that we have the option of being in control.

To be mindful, take life one step at a time, make each day its own story, its own book. Do things one step a time. Be thoughtful of the things you do and when you’re talking to someone choose to be present instead of letting your thoughts run a million miles per second. The day is yours to seize.

So carpe diem; seize the day.

Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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