59 Young Artists Bag Awards for Artworks

59 Young Artists Bag Awards for Artworks - Thamer International Schools

The winners have been selected from more than 250 students from age 12 to 16. The winners of this year's competition were adjudged in three different categories: Five winners of "Artistic Excellence," 10 winners of the "Artistic Creativity" and 44 awarded as "The Future Artist." Safeyah Binzagr, a veteran Saudi artist, owner of Darat Safeya Binzagr and the organizer of the contest told Arab New that unfortunately all of the participants come from either private or international schools.

She expressed extreme happiness over this edition of the competition under the theme "saddle" and said that this occasion was a real chance to explore the children's creative skills. "I intentionally chose such a theme as an attempt to trigger our kids' imagination to demonstrate their artistic flair and talent,” she said. Yara Jastaniyah one of the young female Saudi winner studying in grade 8 in Al Nour School said: “I’m participated for the first time and am very proud to represent my school and win the Future Artist Award.”.

She added that she spent around four hours in a class session during the first phase of the competition in drawing the outline of the saddle design, then the second phase required all the selected students to attend a 12-hour workshop over two days at Darat Safeya Binzagr to complete the work on a model saddle without the attendance of parents or any relatives or friend. Roa’a Al Shaqi, a Syrian student of grade 9 at Thamer International School, said that she is very pleased first that she took part in this competition and then her happiness doubled when she turned out to be one of the winners. "I chose two main colors to accomplish my work; the light green and orange as I thing they are the colors of happiness and peace." The ground floor of the center was thronged by the winners’ families and friends who came to share with them their moment of success. The winners' works will be on display at the ground level of Al-Roushan Center for a week.

Source: Arab News


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