13 Local Students Excel in Global Exams

13 Local Students Excel in Global Exams - Thamer International Schools

Thirteen students have scored big in the Cambridge International Examinations, with top marks in various subjects in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and globally. The students sat for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and AS and A2 examinations at Thamer International School. Mohammed Ayman and Mustafa Amr Nazeih were the top students globally in mathematics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Yasmin Ashraf and Toka Tarek were the top students in Saudi Arabia for business studies and mathematics.

Two other students scored top marks in the Kingdom in AS chemistry and A2 mathematics. Joussi Essam scored top marks in Jeddah in A2 biology and physics, while Nazeih scored tops in Jeddah for biology. Ashraf had the top marks in business, ICT, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics in the IGCSE examinations. Nazeih came first in AS-level mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. Ayman came second in AS-level mathematics, physics, chemistry and ICT. Essam came first in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. Prince Faisal bin Thamer bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, owner of the school, congratulated the school director Rana Abdul Baqi, directors, section heads, coordinators, the examination coordinator Salma Kadri, the staff and students for their performance. Kadri said 133 students received star awards this year.

Source: Arab News

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