TIS, Al-Wadi Students Excel in Cambridge Exams

TIS, Al-Wadi Students Excel in Cambridge Exams - Thamer International Schools

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Vice Chairperson Lama Al-Sulaiman presented the awards to secondary school students who performed well in the exams in May and June 2010. Thamer International School (TIS) and Al-Wadi International School continued to maintain a world ranking thanks to their students’ performance in the CIE. TIS had 11 top students in the list of outstanding Cambridge learner awards. 

For Al-Wadi, Areej Khan (business studies) and Fatima Jabeen Haque (economics) achieved an outstanding ranking in the AS level exam, with Ayse Mubine Turkmen (physics, IGCSE) and Mohamed Ashraf M.Y.H. Heikal (biology and math, A-level) being the other achievers. Al-Wadi's Djouhar Roufeida Belgaid received a special "Best Across Seven Cambridge IGCSE" award for chemistry, physics, biology, English, math, ICT and English literature. Those honored at the function from TIS included Rowaa Ibrahim and Abdelrahman Acer, who each won a "Top in the World A-Level ICT” award in math. This is the second consecutive year that TIS has been top in the world in ICT.

In the “Top in Saudi Arabia” category, Abdelrahman Acer won in AS level physics. Top in Jeddah was Majed Kayali at IGCSE biology, Abdelrahman Acer in A-level chemistry and Sara Kalayi in A-level physics. Occupying the top three places across three Cambridge international A-levels were Sara Kayali, Mohamed Taher and Jad Bokasamati. Second and third places across four Cambridge International AS-levels went to Majed Hechi and Nabila B respectively.

Source: Arab News

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