SAE Institute Jeddah Keen to Develop Saudi Talent

SAE Institute Jeddah Keen to Develop Saudi Talent - Thamer International Schools

Dalia Binladin, managing director of SAE Institute Jeddah, visited Thamer International School to present its upcoming diploma courses. SAE Institute is the world’s largest technical media school and teaches vocational media education, in fields such as digital animation, audio engineering, film and TV production,game design and Development and Multimedia studies. SAE has more than 50 campuses in over 30 countries and was established in Australia in 1976. The institute is present in 5 continents offering diplomas and short courses certified through the international headquarters in Oxford, United Kingdom. 

The courses in Saudi Arabia will be provided by Seyada Institute for Creative Arts. During SAE’s visit to Thamer International School, the company was excited to see a huge turnout of interested students. Students were briefed about the courses that will be offered by SAE Jeddah, such as diplomas, short courses, customized training and much more. SAE specializes in teaching hands-on intensive courses, specifically targeted to build the media market and employment in Saudi Arabia. Seyada for Creative Arts is focused on building career opportunities in different fields within the media industry. The students were introduced to the facts and figures on the huge demand in the MENA region, especially in Saudi Arabia. Dalia Binladin said: “This visit comes within the framework of the plan adopted by the SAE Institute’s management to inform students in high schools and universities about this vocational institute and the courses we offer. Most of them are being introduced for the first time in the Kingdom.” She added: “The level of talent available in the Kingdom is inspiring, and Seyada wishes to support its growth and expression by providing students with the tools and skills they require to present their art and talent. Being the first vocational media institute of its kind in Saudi Arabia, SAE Institute is working with both local and international industry professionals to ensure job placements for graduates. With our state-of-the-art and industry standard equipment, film and audio studios and graphics labs, SAE Jeddah is dedicated to support the growth of the media industry by focusing on practical training.

SAE’s unique method of teaching makes it the best way for students to get the required experience, skills and work with the actual equipment and systems used in this industry.” She added: “My biggest concern about media in the Kingdom is the lack of knowledge of the industry. Understanding the media industry is paramount to the success of many businesses. Whether through the ever growing social media, news gathering, advertisements, or simple graphics on your videos, our company is dedicated to educating about this industry and training in its application.” She said: “As a society we seek to inform others about our culture and deliver our voice and vision to others. it is important to watch, read and listen to things you relate too. Therefore, I believe the Saudi youth must be armed with the tools and knowledge to produce their own works instead of depending on others’ experiences.” She said: “The animation and game development industries invest hundreds of millions of dollars annually and is a major economic player. There are no less than 300 television channel in the region and a countless number of radio channels, magazines and newspapers. It is important that our youth learns how to operate healthily and contribute on their own level to such a growing market.”

Source: Arab News


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