TIS SCOOP, BACK TO SCHOOL: What To Expect From Term 2?

What to Expect from Term 2? - Thamer International Schools

By Zaina Al-Qadi (12-D),

With the new semester comes new opportunities and experiences. While we should reflect on previous successes and failures and use them to our benefit this semester, we should also take every new opportunity that comes our way. With upcoming events, exams, new trips and finally graduation it could be said with certainty that term 2 is more lively and even quite nerve-wracking.

With regards to events, our very first event this term will be Sports Day where the SLC with the help of teachers and staff from the school conduct plans and competitive activities with the aim of trophies in hopes of developing a sense of friendliness among the students.

Additionally, a Drama Play will be directed in the auditorium as well as, Women Empowerment Day in honor of women's remarkable contribution to our society.

On the other hand, the second-semester means extra work, more exams, and projects repeatedly. For that reason, the school manages to assuage things by posting videos and talk about ways of relieving stress. What is more this term, the SLC will be giving radio talks every Wednesday on various topics, in order to enlighten, amuse, and brief students.

In conclusion, term 2 signifies a fresh beginning for both students and teachers in every aspect whether educational or personal. It also accentuates on more future angles, especially for graduates. Let's make these few months memorable and historic!

Source Link: February Newsletter (2018-2019)

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