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The Woman Who Came To Dinner - Thamer International Schools

By Dania Al Amoudi (10-H),

The First Language English students of the ninth and tenth grade are collaborating to host and proudly produce the annual school play which will be performed during the school day. "The Woman who came to Dinner" is a story of a well-known writer who embarks on a "journey" of comedically barging in and staying within an innocent family's home, thus taking advantage of their hospitality.

The show will be directed by Mayar Medhat and Dania Al-Amoudi from 10H. The characters will be portrayed primarily by the tenth graders with immense help and support from the Grade 9 students. Everyone is pretty excited yet anxious to ensure that the play is a hit and liked by the audience.

Source Link: February Newsletter (2018-2019)

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