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By Mohammed Fatta (8-E)

Hello and welcome to Los Angeles-a fun and exciting place packed with surprises! This is where Universal Studios, Hollywood Street, and Six Flags are all located.

Amazing places to visit:

Six Flags: an exciting park with huge roller-coasters for people who want to challenge themselves as well as have a petrifying but thrilling experience.

Universal Studios: a fun place for kids and adults with 4d games! The best part, however, is the “Universal Studios Hollywood Tour Bus” where they show you how they make the actual movie scenes and real life effects like hurricanes and sudden downpours. Hollywood Street: a street providing much recreation, it contains museums, shining stars of famous people, and a lot of movie theaters. It is a place for souvenirs, dancing and singing and so is mainly a place to chill in.

Santa Monica Pier: one of the most famous places to visit. There’s “The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium”, “Palisades Park”, and the beautiful as well as widely known “Santa Monica State Beach” where a lot of movie scenes are filmed.

Restaurants: Los Angeles is a wonderful place for restaurants; you can choose from a lengthy selection of food ranging from Italian to Brazilian cuisines. There is a variety of food including whatever you could possibly ever crave for!

Movie Theaters: There are theaters available in every mall and street within the city, meaning you can relax by watching your favorite movies early. You can eat, sleep, laugh and much more in the theaters!

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