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By Daniella Mustafa (6-I)

The basis of the story relates to a poor shoemaker and his wife who need money to pay the rent. The shoemaker gives away the last pair of shoes he has to a needy lady. He has leather to make one more pair of shoes; he cuts out the pieces of leather before going to bed so he can sew them on the morrow. Elves come in the night and make the pair of shoes, which he sells for more than his asking price the next day. He uses that money to pay the rent, buy food and more shoe leather. He also feeds a poor traveller.

He has just the right amount of money to buy enough leather for two pairs of shoes. He cuts the pieces of leather for the two pairs and retires for the night. The Elves come again that night and make two pairs of shoes with the additional leather. He gives away one pair to a needy person and sells the other pair to a referral from the first customer who is immediately satisfied.

He buys leather for three and stays up to find the elves making the shoes. The shoemaker and his wife make clothes for the elves the next day; however, the elves are freed when given clothes so they leave and the shoemaker and his wife never see them again.

— The story holds a strong message that you should always do things without expecting anything in return and may help think about our attitude about giving and receiving. This fairy tale style story will surely engage the imagination of many young child with beautiful illustrations ideal for read-aloud group sessions!

Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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