Women’s Empowerment Day

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By Lamees Shady (11-H),

Women’s Empowerment Day was one of the many events hosted by the Senior School of Thamer International Schools. The beloved students and teachers were given the opportunity to express their solicitude regarding this remarkable day by an entertaining and delightful activity.

During this event, the paramount role of women has been magnified by painting motivating phrases on banners that were hung on the walls of T.I.S. The ambiance was full of positivity.

It was a conglomeration of vibrant colors, blasted music, and broad smiles joyous to celebrate our existence and power. The Girl’s Section of T.I.S carries a countless number of robust and stalwart women, so you could tell that every one of them enjoyed expressing themselves.

Stating that, it was surely a momentous event! 

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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