Welcome Back to Senior School (2018-2019)

Welcome Back to Senior School (2018-2019) - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

Senior School extends a very warm welcome to one and all. Reflecting back on the year gone by, T. I. S. is very proud of the achievements and milestones conquered. As a constant effort to realize our vision and taking curriculum enrichment to another level, inductive learning is highly endorsed at T. I. S., and this academic year saw rigorous efforts on various levels to enhance Project Based Learning. Consequently, the goal was attained with resultant outcome in the form of outstanding projects and events. This accomplishment has definitely been a striving factor to incorporate more inductive methods in the coming year to ensure our pupils get the unique learning experience T. I. S. envisions.

The last academic year embarked upon taking student empowerment to another level in the form of ‘Student Leader Committee.’ The SLC allowed students to not just participate, but also steer in the direction of leadership skills and creative innovation; a definite feather added to our hat! The SLC conceptualized many new events and represented T. I. S. on eminent platforms, one of them being the MUN.

T. I. S. takes immense pride in having participated at the Model United Nations allowing our students to represent their voice on a larger platform to a versatile audience, aiming to instill oratory skills and personality development.

Outstanding performance at the official examinations and results par excellence makes T. I. S. swell with pride. The administration and faculty continue to work towards student success keeping the baton high and mighty.

During the preceding academic year, we aimed to work collaboratively with parents and T. I. S. Senior School acknowledges the positive input received. We are obliged and thank you for bridging the gap and participating actively with us. The constant support we receive from you is a strong driving force and motivates the entire team and faculty to keep up the spirit. We affirmatively look forward to many more collaborations this year. Your continual support and involvement is a major contributing factor to our unanimous success.

Senior School wishes its students an exciting academic year ahead filled with possibilities, opportunities and curriculum enrichment.

Thank You!



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