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How to Survive School?! - Thamer International Schools

By Amira Hazim (8-I)

School is one of the hardest stages in the life of any child, yet it’s the fun part that you’ll miss later. I know that this is nothing like you expected—the amount of homework you get, exams or anything really—but, believe it or not, it’s not as horrible as you think.

Yes, I know that you have taken more than enough terrible school pictures in which you look like an ostrich with braces! And yes, you have this stage where you think that this school thing is getting too monotonous and that it will never end. But, if you really anticipate the life after school to be cool, you are completely mistaken. As time goes on, you have to be more responsible and you are going to have more and more tasks to achieve, so that’s even worse!

If you want to succeed in school, you need to avoid being a drama queen because that’s simply unnecessary. There are a few things you need to balance to get out of school safely. For example, you need balance between thinking that you are useless and being overconfident. Moreover, you need to balance studying and your social life in order to keep your grades high as well as your life enjoyable.

In short, you need to work hard and enjoy every single moment in school because later on, when you grow up and think back, the first things you recall are all those experiences you had in school. You simply need to make those moments joyful so they become memories worth remembering. Even the very moments where you struggle, are those that will make you happy when remembered because they make you proud of yourself.

“All you need to do is enjoy it.”

Source Link: October Newsletter (2018-2019)

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