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By Yousuf Khot (9-B),

As you step your foot at any busy railway station, you witness a sea of people haphazardly rushing from one platform to another. You always find absolute commotion and noise.

From the entrance itself, Paddington Station looks massive and huge. Some tourists with heavy backpacks patiently wait for their trains to arrive. While others are at the cafeteria grabbing a light meal before a long journey. A few office men and women dapperly dressed briskly rushed on platform to be on time for work. Next to the iron statue of Paddington, two little kids frolic around while their parents click their pictures. Tired looking after a long journey, a mother and son probably were eagerly waiting for their relative to pick them up.

While at the platform, a blue train with “Euro Rails” written on it in bold dark red, chugs in gradually. Passengers calmly wait for passengers on board to get out of the train. A young lad offers a hand of help to an old frail lady probably in her 80’s. Other trains also are coming in the station to pitstop and deliver the passengers on board to the station.

Source Link: March Newsletter (2018-2019)

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