A Snowflake Story

A Snowflake Story - Thamer International Schools

By Lower Primary School,

Our wonderful preschool students participated in a school skit, “A Snowflake Story”. They enjoyed the challenge and enthusiasm of putting on the play and worked hard to make itsuccessful.

It was a memorable event and we were truly proud to watch our little children who are just three years old confidently perform in front of mothers and guests.

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

A Big Day Out

A Big Day Out - Thamer International Schools

By Lower Primary School,

Watching children walking their mothers around their school playground and enjoying doing many fun activities, brings joy to the L. P. S. staff’s hearts.

“A Big Day Out” gave children the chance to play and to do lots of art and craft activities. The amazing Magical Show was a mesmerizing way to end this wonderful day!

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

Super Bell

Super Bell - Thamer International Schools

By Upper Primary School,

The students of UPS will enjoy doing the Super Bell Competition during the Science Class.

The Super Bell presenter will enter the class ringing the Super Bell which tells the teacher to stop explaining the lesson and the students to close their books and start the super bell activity procedure.

She will choose a student randomly and will ask him/her a question which will be related to the same week’s material.

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

Women’s Empowerment Day

TIS SCOOP - Thamer International Schools

By Lamees Shady (11-H),

Women’s Empowerment Day was one of the many events hosted by the Senior School of Thamer International Schools. The beloved students and teachers were given the opportunity to express their solicitude regarding this remarkable day by an entertaining and delightful activity.

During this event, the paramount role of women has been magnified by painting motivating phrases on banners that were hung on the walls of T.I.S. The ambiance was full of positivity.

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