Model United Nations Conference (2018-2019)

Model United Nations - MUN - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

Thamer International Schools have received an official invitation from Dar Al Hekma for the MUN (Model United Nations) conference 2018 – 2019. Hence, it gives us great pleasure to inform you that the administration has decided to give our students of Senior School (Girls’ Section) an opportunity to register for the conference.

Schools on an international level send their students to participate in this conference which is an interesting way of learning about the world. In this era of globalization, being globally aware has become crucial and extremely important. MUN is an exercise in research, public speaking, teamwork and enhances leadership skills which students need throughout their career.

SAT-Programe (2018-2019)

SAT Programe - Thamer International Schools

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR THE AMERICAN STREAM STUDENTS: "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." Ernest Hemingway

Dear parents/students,

In our pursuit to achieve excellence, our commitment to facilitate the students, our futuristic leaders, and our endeavor to live up to the trust of our partners, the parents, we persistently strive to extend our cooperation in every possible way to maximize the achievement of our students. Therefore, in accordance with our Schools Vision, to deliver a unique academic experience, we are pleased to share the following additional support that will be extended to our American stream students at T. I. S. during the academic year 2018-2019.

Welcome Back to Senior School (2018-2019)

Welcome Back to Senior School (2018-2019) - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

Senior School extends a very warm welcome to one and all. Reflecting back on the year gone by, T. I. S. is very proud of the achievements and milestones conquered. As a constant effort to realize our vision and taking curriculum enrichment to another level, inductive learning is highly endorsed at T. I. S., and this academic year saw rigorous efforts on various levels to enhance Project Based Learning. Consequently, the goal was attained with resultant outcome in the form of outstanding projects and events. This accomplishment has definitely been a striving factor to incorporate more inductive methods in the coming year to ensure our pupils get the unique learning experience T. I. S. envisions.

Welcome Back to Middle School (2018-2019)

Welcome Back to Middle School (2018-2019) - Thamer International Schools

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the advent of the 2018-2019 academic school year at T. I. S. Middle Schools! We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer vacation. It is this time of the year that we become energized for the students and staff to return as we continue to prepare for the upcoming year. The T. I. S. Middle Schools’ theme this year will be “H.A.T.S. off to Learning”. This code consists of the following character traits: H-Habits, A-Attitudes, T-Talents and S-Skills. It is our hope that every individual connected to T. I. S. Middle Schools implements these traits throughout the school year and beyond.

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