Women Empowerment Poem

Women Empowerment Poem - Thamer International Schools

By Jana Ahmed El-Sayed Nabawy (9-H),

The sun is bright

And the birds are flying

As they gently chirp

A woman notices

That the chirp is suddenly interrupted

By silent whispers

And titters.


Little to those lips pronouncing these giggles

Know that this woman has ears

That can hear

And a heart

That can feel

Days or shall I say years pass

We wake up and hear the same stories

About a woman getting mistreated

We think it’s enough to drop a tear

Without speaking, or thinking of the need

To free those women somewhere.


This day should be a day where we raise the voice

Of not only one women

But the thousands of women who were a victim

Of not mistreatment

But of silence.


Those women who accepted to sleep

With their mouth sealed

Should witness this day and use it as a strength

To bring light to their silence.


To become louder while being heard.


We shall not forget that includes

Other silent words that will also gain power by this

One loud word.

You have eyes, but you can’t see those scars

You have ears, but you can’t hear the beat full of ache

The senses aren’t what we need

We require much more than that

We require power and will and the fight

For the rights we so long want

We should stop women abusing, harnessing and shaming women



The women empowerment day is a day to be witnessed by those who think women are weak

It should be a strength to them

By women who lost their self-esteem because of some words

It should raise it once more

For those women who sleep nights while crying

It’s our duty to wipe their tears

Together we can raise the voice of millions.


Let’s unite our hands, and shout together for our rights.


We should not settle in our seats for any longer....

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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