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By Mayar Medhat (10-H)

Save the Environment Day is an event hosted with the aim of creating a recreational form of education and has been constructed by none other than the 12th graders of the girls section. Backed by the Biology department, the occasion’s motive is to effectively raise awareness regarding our planet.

The special day will showcase emotional performances, hilarious plays as well as a heartwarming theatrical performance. The hardworking batch will watch their exertion and effort unfold as a trashion show is rolled out, documentary displayed, and speeches are given.

What about behind the scenes?

An interview was carried out as students cut and glued water bottles together, spilling the latest details of the making of the event.

What inspired the project, the passion and the performances?

“I wanted the experience most of all, the idea of getting to work with my friends on something fun and getting to know more people was what drew me in,” Noor Mazin, head of the Arts Department exclaimed. The rest stated their agreement.

How did it feel working as a team and with new people?

“New friendships were formed, and we got the chance to get closer and feel like one. It certainly was memorable,” the girls sentimentally opined, “Working with the younger ones especially, felt like a chance at gaining leadership skills, communication and a whole lot of patience. It was quite exciting! A bit embarrassing when you forget who is who though!” Hanaf Alvi added.

How do you think the event will turn out?

Outstanding, spectacular and dazzling were among the words tossed in, while Yam Fida and Zaina Al-Qadi answered the second half with, “We wanted to be given a chance to be out there, all while experiencing our passions come alive as well as gaining knowledge in preparation for college.”

Overall, the fiercely spirited ladies successfully managed to single handedly pull an entire day together and did not hesitate in snatching up whatever came at them along the way.

Source Link: November Newsletter (2018-2019)

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