TIS SCOOP, Recap: Senior School Girl’s Drama Play

Senior School Girl’s Drama Play - Thamer International Schools

By Lama Qurashi (12-E),

On January 29th of 2019, the entire senior school department (girls) of Thamer International School were invited to watch a performance conducted by the 9th and 10th First Language English students who worked effortlessly for two months to produce a masterpiece that would amaze the crowd. The play was announced to take place in the last two sessions, filling the students up with excitement and anticipation for what was to come.

The event began with a serene Quran recitation by Lybah Adnan which was received warmly by the audience. The play was accompanied by soothing piano pieces played and its impeccable narration, done respectively by Sandra Rizk and Amira. The play soon began and gradually showed that it would revolve around a female author named June Whiteside, a woman filled with arrogance and an ego as big as the crowded auditorium. She was to be nursed for a broken hip in the home by the Stanleys whom she blamed for the injury and other side characters such as her assistant or the doctor. Her petty remarks and side comments throughout the play filled the crowd with laughter as she held her head up eye, a mischievous look in her eyes.

She kept causing a ruckus, practically harboring a whole zoo in her accommodation. Although I personally wouldn’t mind having 6 penguins occupying my household. As the play neared the end, everyone was eager to see how they would finish it off. The play ended with a blood-curdling scream booming through the speaker, and ironically, Ms. Whiteside actually broke her hip this time leaving the crowd stunned.

Source Link: March Newsletter (2018-2019)



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