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TIS SCOOP - Kidzania - Thamer International Schools

By Selina Ramez (G3)

Hi, my name is Selina! Today, I am going to talk about my trip to Kidzania! I went to the airplane and I had so much fun there. We also had a tour in the Jurassic World! There are lots of other places to go. You can also make coca cola, have a show at the theatre or go to the supermarket. It’s like you’re actually buying stuff from there. I suggest you go to Kidzania! I hope you have a fun and nice trip.

By Lily Sary (G3)

I love how Kidzania lets children become who they want to be in the future. The thing I enjoyed the most there is being a part of Kidzania’s radio station: Mix FM. Thank you, Thamer International Schools, for letting us have this experience.

By Nancy Sidani (G3)

Hi, my name is Nancy Sidani and I will tell you what my favorite thing about the trip is. It was nice, but the best part of the trip was the supermarket. It is like a real one, but for kids. Everything was for kids, that’s why it’s called Kidzania. It was so much fun. Thank you to all the teachers who came with us and Kidzania for teaching us how to do the right things when we grow up!

By Malak Tarek (G3)

My Trip to Kidzania Hi, friends! We are going to Kidzania! When we finally arrived, the teacher divided us into two groups. One group went with our class teacher while the other went with the Islamic teacher. The first game we played was climbing. Second, we delivered some boxes. Third, we made coca cola. Fourth, we baked. Fifth, we became fashion models. We went on stage and modelled. Then we took a break since we needed to eat. Sixth, we played our last game: becoming a part of the police. Finally, we went to the buses to head back to school; we had lots of fun today. I wish we could go to Kidzania every day.

Source Link: December Newsletter (2018-2019)

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