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By Fatima Hossam (8-I),

On Wednesday, 6th of March, the Annual Science Fair was held in our school, and we certainly learnt new and interesting facts that we never knew we could experience learning.

The students from middle and high school were divided into groups, and each chose a different topic to demonstrate by doing live and practical experiments. Furthermore, they competed and presented their results in the form of a report, display board, and/or models that they had created.

Both teachers and students were allowed to vote for the experiments that they liked, and the group with the most votes won a valuable prize.

For instance, one of the groups did a Strawberry DNA Extraction, which bewildered numerous pupils. They first let their audience try the experiment themselves and then explained the process using scientifically proven facts that astounded many of them. Others did experiments like Leaf Chromatography and Testing Flames.

All in all, the Science Fair was one of the most anticipated and stirring events of the year. All students look forward to learn new and fascinating stuff that they could share with their families and friends!

Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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