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By Ghufran Hashim and Andrea Reynante (12-E)

“In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper it’s printed on, but the thousands of hours of work by dozens of people who are dedicated to creating the best possible reading experience for you.” — John Green

Yes, being a part of the student editorial body may seem like a handful; however, it is more than something you just sign up for and toss aside later on.

We started this newsletter because we want to have a platform where students can utilize their writing skills to have their message heard. We want students to express their creativity and have a place to showcase their crafts. We want students to be up-to-date with news and to be aware of what is going on within the school. We want students to contribute in whatever way they feel most comfortable in, because this newsletter is for the students.

Although we are still a fresh and small team, there are many roles to go around; allowing everyone to flourish in their field and explore other options which broaden their experience. One of the numerous strengths of this team is that we keep our minds open to new ideas, resulting in unique outcomes from a motley of different perspectives. Furthermore, we have a strong sense of coordination; our team members are more than willing to help each other out and our wonderful staff editors are always available to guide you.

After all, there is no "I" in team and we want to keep it that way by ensuring everyone feels included— whether you’re a part of the student editorial body or not.

Source Link: October Newsletter (2018-2019)

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