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Senior Experience - Thamer International Schools

By Hadeel Osama M Oun (12-E),

It’s about time!

My high school years are coming to an end. Although some people might think that graduating from high school is a tiny chapter in the big book called ‘life’, to me it’s a pretty immense milestone. When I think about the new chapter I am so close to reaching in my life, I get a knot in the pit of my stomach. I come across a lot of different emotions, some of which are fear, sprinkles of nervousness, with a side of excitement and expectation.

Of course, one of the most difficult things about graduating is parting from the people I have gotten close to over the years. Seeing everyone move on to reaching their own dream made me realize how funny it is that we all started at the same beginning but every one of us will end up in a completely different place, but I guess that’s just how life works. I’m so proud of how each one of my classmates turned out and I am positive that there is a great future ahead of every one of them. I look forward to many of the new experiences that I will encounter in university, but there is so much more I am looking forward to. I look forward to growing as a person and discovering new parts of my personality. As a teenager, I have always been told that the obstacles I have stumbled upon are minor even though I thought they were major. I have always been told that I will go through problems that will show me how insignificant the old ones were. I believe that these problems will make me grow as a person, and so I look forward to the encounters the future holds.

 Source Link: April Newsletter (2018-2019)

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